Mangosteen Tea

All parts of the mangosteen tree are grown on the rich soils of Agusan and were lovingly used to make your tea.

About Mangosteen

A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Mangosteen, considered as the Queen of tropical fruits, is a rich source of xanthones, an organic compound that is found to offer beneficial antioxidant properties.

Research has shown that it helps in cancer prevention and strengthens our overall immune system. It contains some of the most potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal compounds in nature.

Mangosteen has been used in capsules, juice, and tea leaves in tea bags. Some of its properties are limited and lost in the process which lessens the benefits that it could offer. However, for the firsttime as a breakthrough discovery, Mangosteen is now extracted and produced in a liquid form. Its benefits can be absorbed directly into our bodies for maximum effectiveness. Unlike other products,
Hillsview Mangosteen Tea is all natural, organic sugar-free and affordable. Its ingredients only include Mangosteen and water. There are no other preservatives and chemicals added.

Try The 21-Day Challenge

1st week: DETOXIFY. It will detoxify or clean your body from radical elements that it has absorbed.

2nd week: RESTORE. It will restore your immune system and repair the damaged cells.

3rd week: NORMALIZE. It will stabilize your health. Best taken warm. Pour directly on a cup (125ml), microwave to desired warmth or add hot water.Adjust to suit your taste.

Take four cups a day at desired intervals. After 21 days, just once a day for maintenance. If you have
illness, like cancer, it’s best to continue taking four cups a day.

Make it a daily habit to drink for regular maintenance to prevent sickness and achieve healthy body.

Homegrown Delicacies

Taste our premium, export-qaulity, homegrown Trento rice cakes with variants like mango suman, ube suman, suman pandan, cassava cake and bibingka made fresh daily from our in-store bakery!

The Pasalubong Store

From filled-suman to puto maya; nuts to chicharon; organic coffee, tablea, to mangosteen tea, the Hillsview Trento Pasalubong Store is home to Caraga, if not the Philippines’ best delicacies.

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