On the rich soils of Agusan del Sur thrives a 20-hectare Mangosteen farm situated behind Hillsview Trento. The farm survived Typhoon Pablo in 2012 and has evolved into a social enterprise providing livelihood for Trento’s locals.

Felled Mangosteen trees were scattered all over the farm after the onslaught of Typhoon Pablo. Instead of disposing them, the family decided to turn the Mangosteen trees into tea. With the help of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the plan went through and the tea product was discovered to have a lot of health benefits. It was not long until the Mangosteen tea gained popularity within the area.

Meanwhile, the farm owners continued to serve the community through constant social innovation around its farm, food, and people.

The farm, through sustainable agriculture, continues to maintain the quality of soil and conservation of its natural resources. It has a well-appointed water system and biogas structure within its agricultural lot. The farm is well on its way to be an established alternative source of energy.

Because of the family’s passion for food that regularly prepares farm to table menu, it was also in the kitchen where the family innovated and crafted the first premium Mangosteen Tea. Both locals and travellers frequent the Mangosteen products and other export-quality homegrown delicacies.

The Hitgano family continues their public service by holistically engaging and designing people-centered programs unique to its rural folks to help them improve their quality of life and to improve product output.

The Vision

Hillsview Trento’s vision is to be the leading Mangosteen farm resort that promotes sustainable practices. It aims to be a community where people contribute to a healthy, prosperous and inclusive community.

The Mission

The mission is to serve as a social innovator catering to individual and community development with the goal to achieve an overall improved socio-economic wellbeing that benefits Trento’s local economy.